Tuesday, 21 April 2015

V/A - Wiener Blutrausch 1979

This sampler is ringing the bells of the punky revolution 1979 in Austria, but at least a decided departure from Austro-Pop, ORF Big Band sound and singer-protest-folk, a peculiarly divergent cross section documented through the underground, the little one common denominator except for a cheeky-cheeky had attitude. The information gathered on the Blutrausch sampler primal sounds of Drahdiwaberl, Minisex (then: Mini-sex), Metzlutzkas Erben, Chuzpe & Mordbuben AG managed at least distance to a generation of musicians with the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin or Cat Stevens grew up - was alone in the strict punk, British sense was the only somewhat. Check out this brilliant piece of cult for yourselfs.

1.Kaiserhymne Pink Punk Shirt - DRAHDIWABERL
2.Low And Order Man - DRAHDIWABERL
3.Tropic Chaotic - MINI-SEX
4.Valium - MINI-SEX
5.Dark Visions - MINI-SEX
6.Infrarot Klosett - METZLUTZKAS ERBEN
7.Panik / Alanig - CHUZPE
8.Beislanarchie - CHUZPE
9.Terror In Klein-Babylon - CHUZPE
10.Mordbuben AG - MORDBUBEN AG
11.Mi Hat, Mi Hat Der Größenwahn - MORDBUBEN AG
12.Heimatland - MORDBUBEN AG
13.Weg Vom Fenster - METZLUTZKAS ERBEN

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