Wednesday, 7 November 2018

ACAPULCO GOLD - Rock In Einer Sprache, Die Jeder Versteht 1980

Debut album by this German rock combo on Folksmusik. Acapulco Gold starting their mission in a pub in the heart of southern Cologne, which was characteristically called Delirium. From the first record the song 'Ich Törn Lieber An' has become the identification song of a broad mass. Since the band by their appearance and their name didn't get a contract with a record company so they were among the first who pressed their own plates and sold them themselves. With their 12" Sodom & Gomorrha" (from the second LP "Zeitlos" 1981), the music was rather an untypical song of the band, made Acapulco Gold known by the radio beyond the borders of Cologne. So hundreds of gigs were played and a third album was which remained unnoticed, partly because the distribution collapsed. The band broke up in 1986. Marcus Neu went with his family for a year to the Andalusian mountains. Tanned and burnt back from the hermitage, he put together a new band with keyboarder Wolfram Binder from the last formation, who had been on the road for eight years and released a CD in 1993 that contained almost all of the songs written during that time. The old records are out of print and cost three-digit at the flea markets. It was time to dig out the old Acapulco Gold tapes and release a best of CD in 1996. I heard a song from them + put it, among with other rarities, on the great compilation Alles Wieder Auf Anfang. Enjoy eleven decent rock goodies with a solid punk background!

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