Monday, 5 November 2018

VON GAM - 1 Gen Punk 2018

There is a lot to do in my business now and I need a solid balance in the evening and this little compilation from Ken-Rock records is exact the right stuff, eleven rare songs by Von Gam from Hovmantorp, Fripps (vocals + bass), Plast (guitars + vocals), Tjup (drums) and in detail: their 7'' from 1979 on Klippan, three cuts recorded 28. January 1980 at Radio Kronoberg/Växjö, two live goodies recorded on 8. April 1983 @ Lady Jane/Lessebo and four from the "Ung & Söt" cassette recorded 14-15 marrch 1981 @ Studio Allton/Liatorp, comes with an insert with the stories behind the songs, consistently qualitative recordings and a proper record and worth a listen. Represented on some nuggets frolicking here in the blog.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

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