Saturday, 23 June 2018

V/A - Killed By Death #19 1998

700 pressed on black vinyl with plain white labels in a nice foldout sleeve. Shit! Another volume of Killed By Death!!!! Don't worry man, this is the ultimate and greatest of this stupid series. This one contains tons of rare and marvellous examples of American punkrock between '79-'80 (except the K-Tels were from Canada). Several of the records included here would quite likely give collectors their greatest sexual experience were they to actually get their hands on them. You get to hear one track from the Jackie Shark & The Beach Butchers 7", almost completely unknown until very recently. There is also a track from the Noise 7", one of the top 10 over-rated punk records of all time. As is usual with obscure American punk records many of these are good, worth listening to a few times a year, but would you be stupid enough to pay hundreds of dollars for them?

1.2nd Generation Rising - JACKIE SHARK & THE BEACH BUTCHERS
2.I Want Sex - REACTORS
3.Seduction Center - REACTORS
4.Out In The Street - EXIT
5.TV Violence - KILLER BEES
6.Just Like Dresden '45 - N.Y. NIGGERS
7.Kill It - THE PANICS
8.Teenage Lifestyle - PENETRATORS
9.Let's Have Some Fun Tonight - NOISE
10.Kind Of A Drag - BRAIN POLICE
11.Kill Hirb Cane - CARPETS
12.Zombie Lover - THE INSULTS
13.8th Avenue - ELECTROFLEX
14.Underground - EPICYCLE
15.Resistance - EXECUTIVES
16.Where Are You? - K-TELS

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