Friday, 22 June 2018

LE BEAU LAC DE BÂLE - Je Suis Speed 7'' 1978

Debut 7Inch by this Swiss combo called Le Beau Lac De Bâle on Stamy Records, a wild furious and libertarian rock band from Geneva. Founded 1977 by a group of buddies at the Festival De La Bâtie, the group quickly became famous for its humorous and musical style, as well as the many concerts in which the musicians stage their pieces. In the 1990s, the group experienced a heyday with the release of two CDs which record their old titles and two more albums with new stuff. They are then contacted to develop the group outside the canton of Geneva, but members of the group reject these suggestions because of their family and working life. For thirty years, the group has volunteered for clubs or neighborhood events (for example for the group for a Switzerland without army or for a rally for El Salvador). The musical specialty of the bands is the revival of great classic blues and rock'n'roll with sarcastic lyrics and often absurd. Enjoy without restriction!


  1. d/l links to NEC+ULTRA - Week-End Sanglant EP - oops!

  2. Hello Michael
    Do you feel anxious for the match of Germany because you have posted Nec plus ultra not the le beau lac de bale.
    It does'nt matter .Good luck for the match

  3. Oops... I just wanted to see if you are awake and noticed the error ;) - Oh no, Germany will win the game today, without a doubt, will be difficult but I think the boys can put a shovel on it like Switzerland yesterday, great match. B.t.w., France also must give more in the second round, they don't convince me but they already have two victories, that should push.

    1. You are right but managing the French selection is an headache