Saturday, 23 June 2018

NEC+ULTRA - Week-End Sanglant EP 1980

Only release by this French wave/punk combo from Strasbourg on Punk Records and about Ludwig Van (vocals), Bmc Tronçönh (guitar), Yo (bass) and Neú Lulu (drums) I have nothing much report. I guess they dissolved shortly after the release of the record. In any case, the four songs are obliquely with a small touch of keys and some would call their sound post/wave/ punk. The thin amateurish recording appeals and I like this very much and with 2+2 is a real hit there, Moses would certainly had an erection would he have heard thatUnfortunately there are no more songs, no compilation contributions as far as I know and so only these four rare extraordinary nuggets remain. Now I'm travel to Moscow and watch Belgium-Tunisia with a few Jever plus a delicious Pizza.... I love Weekends!


  1. Ultra rare and excellent No soccer for me this afternoon Paris is sunny I'm gonna take a walk and buy some records

    1. good idea, you've just missed the best game of the World Cup so far, Belgium is strong! as well Croatia, secret favorites... now Mexico vs South Korea, attractive match. Gradually, the World Cup gets going....ohhh penalty for Mexico....