Thursday, 28 June 2018

SLOBOBANS UNDERGÅNG - I Varje Tid 7'' 1983

Slobobans Undergång was one of Sweden's heaviest punk band and showed that the punk and hard rock some could be combined well before the two genres called crossover. The bands from the Swedish punk stronghold Gothenburg and this is their forth release which came out at Hiss Records. In their existance they released a few 7''s and EP's and a split LP with Rövarna. So here we have two nice songs and remarkable is in both the bass line which mills each brain and if you only listen to then you find a funky rhythm, pretty sing-a-long refrains with it and finished are two songs that are worth to pack on a single. Here, says singer Staffan Hassling the story of the band from the first light chaos gig to the day when the band decided to let the runout silent and in 1985 the band broke up. - I recommend their Maktgalen EP and more Swedish stuff you can find over wdthtc.

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