Thursday, June 28, 2018

SPLIFF - The Spliff Radio Show 1980

OK, just a few words about yesterday's K.O. of the German team: First; they deserve it, they never showed their form and the will to get the cup againAll three games were agonizing, they played timid and inhibited and as defending champion unworthy. Of course the criticism is loud again but I would not speak of a new beginning, Löw made mistakes, He should have taken more young fresh hungry players and should not nominate the two players who made this stupid photo with this dictator. Anyway, Leber geht weiter! and the WM continues. Now to the post and a record a record which I haven't heard for ages. Spliff was a New German Wave rock band, active in the 1980s. The members were already playing together before they were 'adopted' by Nina Hagen when she came to West Germany in 1977. They recorded two albums with her as the Nina Hagen Band before continuing under the name Spliff when Hagen went solo. Their characteristic sound was a mix of electronic music, reggae and punk rock. They recorded "The Spliff Radio Show" in 1980, their only album in English. After parting ways with vocalist Alf Klimek, the remaining members carried on in German sharing vocals between all four of them. Their album 85555 however was released in a limited English edition too, which is extremely rare. They had major hits on the German singles chart with Carbonara and Das Blech. Despite their influential status, the band was short-lived. Many of the musicians subsequently formed a band called Froon. The Other Ones was another offshoot band, which included Alf Klimek, who appeares on this album as Alf Klimax and I must say, this is their best record, sixteen solid punk rock songs, top lyrics, a few funny jingles in between and the euphoric Rock Is A Drug as coronation at the end.


  1. Never the less the album from 1982 with one less member exists for Spliff (search it a DU blog with original post and you can compare the two cover shots member by member). Just because you can't find it doesn't mean it shouldn't be included in your Wiki post!

  2. Too bad this match was unreal Klop must stay .Watching currently England vs Belgium Oh man ! England plays football I mean not kick and rush a serious outsider.

  3. Joachim low not Klop sorry for the mistake

  4. Well, I don't know, he was unlucky with his decisions and maybe he's been for too long national coach. I think the players had no real motivation and that's questionable.

  5. That's what I heard on French tv Motivation Hungryness are the keywords I will miss Low's haircut

    1. Yeah, he could be one of the Beatles