Wednesday, 27 June 2018

DIE HORNISSEN - Pale Blue Eyes 7'' 1982

A few minutes until the last preliminary round game against South Korea and I'm very excited. A quick filler: Die Hornissen, on the A side's a six-minute Lou Reed cover, mixed and cut by Holger Czukay from Can. The B-side presents a produced by Tom Dokupil own composition. "Essential is the project of the Cologne painter Walter Dahn & his friend Detlev Kühne, making Die Hornissen as the old Reed/Velvet-classic, Pale Blue Eyes' with rhythm machine and Billigorgel credit. Holger Czukay quality guarantee from mixed (and is perhaps responsible for the emotional and the Shadows bass guitar?). Those who can not decide whether he preferred the cover version or the original aims, can calm the B-side, Hello! Hello? (Time Tunnel) 'and hang up the humorous / strong amateur electronics engineers mixed (by Tom Dokoupil listen)" (Konrad Schnabel, Sounds Nr.1/1983)


  1. you are not that excited anymore ,are you? i tell you what compadre ,the only thing you can always count on it it's Rock 'n fuckin' Roll amigo,always there for you

  2. Bravo & Thankz; I've been waiting to hear this for a while now... You know, cuz of the Can connection...