Monday, 25 June 2018

FIENDENS MUSIK - En Spark Rätt I Skallen 7'' 1978

Fiendens Musik (Enemy Music) are a swedish punk band from Malmö, founded in 1977 by Mats Zetterberg and Mats Bäcker as a rock band in Lund which originated as a pure cover band, quickly developed when they began writing their own songs, inspired by early punk, pubrock and New Wave. The first single, "En Spark Rätt I Skallen (A Kick Right In The Head)" was released on record label Bellatrix (ca. 2300 copies) in Malmö and was the band's breakthrough. The band stood between the old Swedish folkmusic and the fresh new punk. Stage performances were characterized by a high tempo, fast songs, pounding guitars, bellowing sax and a frantic stage show with musicians who literally fell over each other. F.M. played together with bands like Ebba Grön, Dag Vag, Grisen Skriker, TT Reuter and others in the punk movement that they did not belong, but sympathized with. They released in a short time four singles and two albums, the band's composition varied slightly, but the most important members were Mats Zetterberg (vocals), Harry Schiffman (guitars), Mats Backer (sax), Peter Kempinsky (guitars), Ulf Karlberg (bass), Ingvar "Krupa" Nilsson (drums), and Karl G. Jonsson (texts & design). The band's name refers to criticize the publication "The people have never won the enemy music" which was published by the Maoist October Publishers the same year that the band was formed.

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

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