Wednesday, 16 May 2018

RETAINERS - Lose It EP 2006

Now something for everyone with awesome speedgaragehardcore on P.Trash Records by the Retainers from Minneapolis. And they damn loud, their songs are full energy on high level and faster than the enjoyment of a cigarette. Some review's in the net so I pick up the one which is accurate: "The Retainers play the kind of reverb-drenched, sped up garage that made Scared of Chaka so special. Taking punk aggression and applying it to old model rock, they make it louder, sloppier, and angrier, but reliant on unique guitars and varied bass instead of a steady diet of power chords and basic rhthyms. As much as the screaming vocals and noisy guitars catch attention, the Retainers are held together by their rhythm section, with Eli Hansen's cymbal-heavy pounding keeping the mania in form, add to any collection." (Loren Green, Sep.2009) - For those of you who haven't heard the Retainers, be warned: they blown out fat garage rock to damage your ears in the most possible ways! If you like a hard hitting band you should check them out!

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