Wednesday, 9 May 2018


One of the first Swedish Hardcore bands are now legends Missbrukarna (The Abusers) from Hudiksvall. Here togehter with Panik from Bollnäs. This record is better known as Livet Är Mjölk EP and was released on Forsaljud Records. Finest early 80s Hardcore/Punk and Missbrukarna with four awesome killer tracks, all songs very intense and catchy. Sure they have to featured on the first Really Fast compilation with three cuts. A few gigs were played and in 1988 the band finally broke up. In 2012 the Swedish label Skrammel Records released a compilation LP called "Zooma In En Zombie" with all Missbrukarna tracks, rehersals in Forsa '81 & the Forsa Studio Live '87 and more, this is not a bad choice. Panik released only this two numbers and they're at home in a rough '77 punk style and both tunes are pretty with snotty guitars and unfortunately disappeared from the scene. Anyway, both bands understood what is punkrock all about and do this in a excellent way.

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