Thursday, 17 May 2018

NO SECURITY - 40-Talisterna EP 1987

Eskilstuna is located west of Stockholm and in 1985 No Security, a Swedish Hardcore/Punk band were formed in this little town. The band is widely regarded as one of the classic Hardcore/Punk bands in Sweden. The group's most famous member is Harri Mänty (vox) also been a member in the rock group Kent which were founded early 90s. Drummer Jari "Jallo" Lehto is currently working on Burning Heart Records and plays guitar in the band War Shot with people from Nasum and Totalitarian. Musically it works vigorously to the point, I don't understand a word from the texts, that's why a lyric-sheet is inside, raw & energetic. Great stuff for every HC maniac, so for me. The band released a couple of singles, mostly split EP's and two split albums with Doom and the finnish Valvontakomissio. In 1993 the band disappears from the scene. In the same year, the German label Lost & Found released a collection CD "When The Gist Is Sucked From The Fruit Of Welfare" with all the group's material. This slab is their second release and you're a fool if don't get it.

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