Thursday, 29 March 2018

STILMORD - Det Spelar Ingen Roll Rock'N'Roll 7'' 1982

Released on Polar Records in 1982 and we have two catchy pop-punk tunes. A short bio I found: "Stilmord was a Swedish power-pop band formed in Täby near Stockholm in the early 80s. They got their band name from the album Talmannen by the Swedish comedian Kalle Sändare, who was well known for recording his telephone jokes with unknown people. On this album he mentioned the name Armand Stilmord (Armand Stylemurder), and the group liked it so much that they took it as their own name. Stilmord got their recording contract when they were competing in a rock contest at the club Underground in Stockholm with the artists Yngwie Malmsteen and Orup. The first single "Det Spelar Ingen Roll Rock'N'Roll" was a hit and it even was used as a jingle for the Swedish rock radio show Eldorado. Later the same year, 1982, Stilmord released a second single "Förbjuden Kärlek" for the same label. After this they changed record labels to Gazell and at the same time changed their name to Rabalder. The third single release "Dina Ögon" was no success and sold only seventeen copies. They continued as a band for a year longer but changed style to funk music inspired by Level 42." Nice little gem!

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