Thursday, 29 March 2018

GUILTY RAZORS - Guilty! 2006

A decent re-release is the next album with original recordings from the late 70's. The Guilty Razors had a singular history. During the 1970s, marked in Paris by the many manifestations of leftist movements, five young musicians influenced from the late 60s atmosphere by their favorite groups (Stooges, Kinks or Velvet Underground) decide to form a rock group. A live band especially, which expresses their rage through a wild rock and uncompromising. So naturally they just incorporate the emerging punk scene in Paris next to Metal Urbain and Asphalt Jungle. They play @ the Gibus in the first part of Jam (not without daring to take on the English Rickenbacker stars!) and also provide the latest delivery punk festival at Olympia in 1978 before the public destroys dozens of chairs. But their working-class reputation and bad boys expertly maintained by their manager Alexis Quinlin very influential character of the rock scene, will soon catch up. In March 1978, following their many escapades, the Polydor label terminates the contract, makes removing the trays 5000 copies of their first EP called 'I Don't Wanna Be A Rich', which eventually almost all pestle. Only a hundred records sent to the press escape destruction. The Guilty Razors still continue to record other tracks including some at a chaotic time in Madrid. The group finally separates early 1979. Their songs will be released on LP/CD in 2006, thx to Seventeen Records. A track appears on the compilation KBD #7 and the complete 7Inch is banned on KBD #77 (click the orange letters above) together with more essential rare goodies.


  1. Wow, great post WDM! I have enjoyed the early release from another blog so looking forward to hear this!

  2. French touch
    Still enjoyable nowadays