Friday, 30 March 2018

BILLY SYNTH & THE TURN UPS - Disorderly Conduct 1983

Good Morning Maniacs!, I hope you have a day off today and enjoy it with good weather. First, I need cigarettes so I'm going to get some... wait... back with Jever and now Mr. Pennsylvania Punk legend Billy Synth with the Turn Ups and their second album on Tragik Records and we listen to thirteen great synth-punk smashers and I wonder why they were not taken for the essential great fucking Killed By Synth compilation, maybe too snotty. Anyway... Billy (vocals + synths), Demo (bass), Stevinyl (guitars) and Joe (drums) have recorded a cool album that kicks and if you wanna know more read an interview on Attacking The BeatStay tuned for more nuggets but next I want to rip another record.


  1. dear fella,some of us work under a windy rain ,a stormy weather in the wild wild west , but i'll be very glad to try this one ,i love dirty punx playing with synth,muchas gracias maniaco

  2. Hi, my friend, Here one of that maniacs having a relaxing Good Friday. Thanks for this rarity and enjoy your day off and weekend too.Cheers!

  3. This looks very promising, especially if it is on the same level as the excellent Killed By Synth comp. Maybe you should be the one to compile Killed By Synth Volume 2!

    Please have a look at my new blog. I would be honored and grateful if you add it to your list of friends.

    1. Yeah, maybe I'll do that once + you are linked in my friend list, Cheerio!!

  4. hey wildevil,this shit is so good,i even got the first one and a compilation too,lots of covers,true, but good ones _Pushin' too hard by the Seeds is becoming one of my alltime fav songs and it's from '66 !!