Tuesday, 27 March 2018

EXTREM - Wir Sind So Frei EP 1987

Solid four track EP by Extrem from Vienna on Durchbruch Records. In 1983 they released a split called Vorheilen Ist Besser Als Beugen together with Mickeyman, recorded in June 1983 and the result is probably the sharpest and hardest punk rock publication of the "Schnitzel Paradise". 'Oaschloch' rhetoric in grossly Viennese, jagged hardcore punk guitars and high-speed drums knock on the door to insanity and say "Servas, I'm ahead of my time." - In other words from Luziprak: "EXTREM is the (international) most famous early HC band from Austria. The formation began in the summer of 1979, and in 1980 the lineup was complete, Helmut "Heiland"[saviour] Hejtmanek, Dieter Hauptmann and Peter Zinner. After some gigs in Vienna and one in Munich, Daniela Delise on the bass was added in 1983. In the same year Michael "Mickey Kodak" Snoj aka. MICKEYMAN recorded with them a limited (200 pieces) split-LP, and after a contribution on an international hardcore compilation in 1985, there was no chance to find this record anymore, as the interests grew world wide. The lyrics where socio-critical, sung in a viennese slang and the sound was very rough and speed-up, a perfect DIY-HC product. In 1984 they also recorded a demo, from which the song "Haus Im 2.Bezirk" [house in the second district] (a brothel) is taken. After Heiland left the band for a solo career, they recorded a 7inch in 1987 and a solo-LP in 1990, both records where much faster an more metal like, but still hardcore." You have to be satisfied with that!


  1. Hey WDM. Viacomsucks sent me over. Great blog. I was wondering if you've come across this Bloodstains across PA comp. Can't seem to find it anywhere. O.K.


    1. looks cool but I can't help. I keep an eye on it.