Saturday, 24 March 2018

LITTLE BOB STORY - Seaside Bar Song 7'' 1978

Let's meet a long-living band from a rain-battered grey hole called Le Havre who've been playing Rock'n'Roll since 1974: Little Bob Story testify with numerous publications their creativity and the French underground music is characterized with their driving melodic playful sound and I chose this 7Inch because both songs are a perfect example of this. A few own Bob words: "Bob's got the secret magic ingredient which makes all the difference in the heart of their fans: the innocence, the fervor & the ingenuity. Bob pulls it off, never blinks, never winks, they discards the "Camp," easy way-out, gambles on the power of bare emotion and comes out as winner. Their look and tremondous voice make them unique to the audience." Well, let yourself be carried away by Bob and enjoy the first warm sunbeams.

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