Thursday, 22 March 2018

NECROS - I.Q.32 EP 1981 + Conquest For Death 1983

It follows a special offer from Schrottmix and today im sortiment: Take 2 Pay 1!! And yes folks I present you the very rare EP by Bruno MatschwirNo which he recorded four months after he lost the fight versus KimiKeinHaarAmSacki in the fifth round at the 00 lounge championships in Achselhausen, he could't oppose Kimi's double tongueturner and Bruno was so frustrated and sad. Driven by these feelings the idea grew inside him to tell all his sorrows to the world via music, the language everyone understands and I.Q. 32 was born and pressed by Touch & Go in an edition of 100. Kimi became envious about Bruno's little success so he thought to himself: You Necros, I make an album that rips the world off the chairs and earn lots of money! Said & done. He went to Maumee, Ohio and found some decent musicians and in just five days the album was recorded and Touch & Go again (an American independent record label based in Chicago) released Conquest For Death (so Kimi's album title) in 1983. Also his record was well received and shortly thereafter he was shit dead by an Armada flamingos and Bruno emigrated to Koksheim. Well, two hermits who are much sought by collectors.

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