Sunday, 25 March 2018

ELEMENT OF CRIME - Weißes Papier 1993

Let's open the early Sunday with melancholic chanson-, pop and rockmusic by Berlin's Element Of Crime, founded 1985 and the bandname is borrowed from the title of the movie The Element Of Crime by Lars von Trier. They first sang in English but that was rather moderate and with the sixth album they switched to German which is a lot better for the band and expresses the wonderful words of Sven more clearly. Weißes Papier is the seventh album and I bought it when I was with my pearl from Hamburg and we heard it a lot, nice times were that, and somehow this morning I'm in the mood for calm, tender melodies. Anyway, the band gained lots of attention with this record and I acquired another slab that is equally charming. Dive in and have a good breakfast with it.


  1. Thank you for this one ,dear friend. Enjoy the week (Here's The Easter' celebration week):)

  2. schönes album!