Monday, 4 December 2017

EA80 - Geburtstag 7'' 1989

Today is a special day because a very good friend I know through and through has birthday today and I honor him with his favorite band EA80 with their second rarest single. 100 copies made that were never sold, but given to friends of the band on their birthdays. Each copy comes in a different gift wrap and is personalized for the particular birthday child. Recorded May 1987 @ Joswigstudio Düsseldorf during the Mehr Schreie sessions. On the B-Side is nothing, a mute track so to speak. This post is dedicated to everyone who celebrates birthday today and everyone who always celebrates. Let it crack!


  1. Na, da gratuliere ich diesem "besonderen Freund" doch auch nochmal hier auf seiner eigenen Seite...haha...
    Hoch die Tassen!

    1. Ganz genau :)) hoch die Tassen!

  2. everyday's a holiday bro !!

  3. Thank you very much for last 3 posts , happy birthday to your friend and nice week, WDM;)

  4. Alles Gute auch von mir! Dazu viel Kraft, Freude und Inspiration bei der Weiterführung des Blogs!

  5. Haha, Du hast Freunde? Nachträglich Alles Gute auch von mir und zum Geburtstag gibts 3 Punkte gegen die Drecks-Bayern. Gruß vom Ex aus der M28