Monday, 4 December 2017

O21 - The Pop Song 7'' 1982

Start December door #4 with a short-lived five piece called O21 from Birmingham and they released their only 7Inch on U:K Pop Records. Three years earlier the legendary Mell Square Musick compilation was released on No Rip Off where they excelled with one song. Their single became a crowd favourite and the small press run was to sell out instantly, the band were now regularly gigging in London with memorable performance at La Beat Route Club and The Cavern in Liverpool. Unfortunately they did not make it to an album and in 1982 the band broke up. In 2001 the title track was used for the unofficial Powerpoppers slab and in 2015 the sub-label Paisley Archive brought a CD (All Was Nothing!) with all the recordings of the band out.

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