Wednesday, 6 December 2017

D.O.A. - War On 45 12'' 1982

There are bands which made almost no bad records and Canada's D.O.A. are certainly one of them. Active since 1978 they are one of the longest-lived punk bands I know and they don't get tired to continue their mischief and release cool records. On this litte 12'' are eight songs on the subject of war, which has raged here on the European continent all the centuries the most. War is a human disease where only those happy who make the utensils for: the fuckin' weapon producers all over the world. And that will certainly not change in the foreseeable future. D.O.A. make clear what many of us think as well: FUCK WAR! and prefer drinking a beer, talking and decently fucking, in this sense!


  1. Thank you,,,and you're right :Wars never will be ceased, Too much business with it...Cheers.

  2. I was lucky enough to have bought this when it came out. Brilliant EP and one I still listen to even today.