Wednesday, 6 December 2017

KBO! - Forever Punk 1989

The cool Greek label Wipe Out! Records released this fantastic slab by a Serbian band called KBO!, formed January 1982 in Kragujevac by Saša (vocals + guitars), Aleksandar (guitars), and Slobodan (drums) and they have three tapes recorded (listen herebefore they went to Belgrade and made in only four hours their debut album. Sixteen splendid nuggets they pack in and with this powerful sound, the bar is raised high. In 2002 they need a creative break and a new album should follow but has not appeared to date. Now back to rip some vinyl, Живели!


  1. new album did came out finally. it's called "prosta proza". a week ago they played promo show in belgrade. they're still awesome live,even with only one original member.

    1. oh cool, I will look for it, thx fou your comment!

  2. Prosta Proza (2017)
    - Posebna stvar
    - Tačka