Thursday, 26 October 2017

SKIN-DEEP - More Than Skin Deep 1988

Late in the evening one more classic and it's Doncaster 1985: Wayne Kenyon, Milk Whitnall, Andy State and Shaun Parkin form the band Skin-Deep. One year later Shaun is replaced by Dean Jordan. With only three concerts, they were asked to participate on the compilation Oi! The Resurrection, and Self Respect was their first vinyl output. The result was not exactly the sound the band was looking for, but it was the group's presentation to the Skinhead scene of that time. In 1986, they record the song My Life's Fine for another compilation, The Sound Of Oi!. In 1987 they are offered a tour of South Africa, which they do not accede for obvious reasons and the band refuses to play in a "Racist State". Continuing their musical plan the group was asked by Link Records to record their first and (sadly) only album. For this session the band was extended with a section of friends: Gav (trumpet), Carol (saxophone) and Carl (keyboards). In July 1988 the record came then with ten songs that navigate between Oi!, Punk & Ska and give a couple of young bands great influences. Skin-Deep are known for skinheads around the world and they were obviously hated by the right-wing boneheads, but they were embraced by non-racist skinheads everywhere, in addition they always concideraron a band conscious of being working class in the mid-1980s, without necessarily being a 100% politic slag. After three years of life and with less than twenty concerts (they never played in their native town) the band lastly broke up.

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