Friday, 27 October 2017

P-NISSARNA - Flumpungar 2004

One of the youngest bands with a real cult status were P-Nissarna from Falun. In December '77 the band started with Pistols and Ramones covers and two years later, in March 1979, the band is called now P-Nissarna, says guitarist Tomas Modig, who turned 15 that year. The first gig they had at school where there were 300 Asian people in a theme day. The Bassist was shit scared and stood the whole gig with his back to the audience. He was later fired because he was so lame. In all cases, they kicked the upper surprisingly and they earned a lot of praise afterwards which shocked them. Drummer at that time was called Willy and he lived quite far from Falun, which meant that he was replaced by Carl Zone and he was a rock. He had lirat Rush and stuff like that before so he was very technical. Soon after Fender had contact with Jeppe Ekholm from RiP records, which were very interested to release something with the band. The result was the Jugend EP which was recorded in Gävle Sound Studio and paid by themselves and the songs have a damn good sound. The band made a few EP's and were on some great Swedish punk compilations. Their music is full rough energy & the band released a few veritable bombs of great 70's punk rock. This CD is a comprehensive compilation of all their singles from the years 1979-1982, a few live tracks from 1981 and as bonus new cuts from the year 1999 with singer Fender and guitarist Tomas Modig. Fender died 2001 with only 37 years. All in all one of the best Swedish punk slabs come from P-Nissarna. What more can be said?


  1. Many years ago a friend made a compilation tape for me that included "Plastic" by P-Nissarna. I am very happy to hear it again! I always wondered if they were making fun of Plastic Bertrand?

  2. Sorry, Google just answered my question. "Plastic" was about Plastic Bertrand being a sell-out, according to!