Saturday, 28 October 2017

BÖHSE TANTEN - Tough Ain't Enough EP 2013

Let's come to this nice record which was released hand numbered to 500 copies via Antisozial Records and it's the debut vinyl by the Böhse Tanten from Madrid and they cover lieder by Böhse Onkelz which is nothing special, but the Böhse Tanten are Skinheads and play only the older ones with their own lyrics (in Spanish and broken German)! Founded 2007 by Malte (vox), Niklas (bass), Peter (guitars) and Jaime (drums) they came to the idea to polish the old Onkelz songs in a punkin' direction and their first album (only as CD, 500 copies) Made In Madrid with eight songs is nowadays a rare jewel. What the boys drifted until 2013 is not known to me but a compilation album called The Oaschwukal Jahre was released with the CD and EP tracks and since then it has become quiet. Of course, you can ask: Does make that any sense at all? but I think it's cool because the music is not bad and that counts. Ach Scheiße, zieht Euch die vier Liedchen rein und damit hat sich's!

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