Monday, 30 October 2017

CADILLAC - Sweat'Shit 1978

Tonight I will make you happy with another re-post from the Tahiti Girls blog, which unfortunately died much too soon and this nugget is by a four piece from north europe, more precisely Vaajakoski/Jyväskylä and Cadillac were active 1974-1978 and founded by Jouko (guitar + vocals), Tapani (bass + vocals), Jussi (drums + vocals) and in 1977 they released their debut album 'Fly' as Rock Cadillac on Discovox. But one guitar was not enough for their '77 rock sound so Jarmo joined as second guitarist and the Sweet Brains 7'' followed in advance as a sample on Titan out and few months later this, the second and last, brilliant album with twelve decent mid-tempo cookies came and you can clearly hear why two guitars are sometimes a mustRepresented on only two compilations: Bloodstains Across Europe 2 + Killed By Death #33 and supposedly only 300 copies were made of this album and therefore predestined for wdthtc. You'll like it...I'm sure


  1. Thanks for this one dear frined-and Happy Halloween;)

  2. excellent post - thanks a lot!