Monday, 30 October 2017

NIRVANA - @ Roskilde Festival 26.06.1992

What should I write here? Everyone knows Nirvana and there are so many numerous bootlegs available after Kurt's suicide in 1994 + the sell-off thus boosted. Personally, I have never experienced them live because the hype about the band really passed me by and I had no opportunity at that time so I think: I missed something historical. Of course I bought the records then and realize how great they are and I regret, not having been there. Anyway, Kurt, Chris and Dave have caused a sensation and remain unforgotten and they proved that impressively alive and those who caught a gig can confirm this and I believe it on the basis by such awesome sound recordings too.

Intro/Aneurysm/Drain You/Stay Away/Sliver/School/In Bloom/Breed/About A Girl/Scoff/Polly/Lithium/Blew/Been A Son/On A Plain/Swap Meet/Negative Creep/Something In The Way/Come As You Are/Love Buzz/Smells Like Teen Spirit/Territorial Pissings

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