Thursday, 26 October 2017

BOOTS & BRACES - Aufrecht Gehen EP 1987

This is the debut EP by Boots & Braces, an Oi! combo from southern Germany, founded 1983 by the Walz brothers. After a few rehearsals, they found bassist Alfred, who already left in 1984 as the brothers moved to Hohenlohe. He played the first demo and a few gigs with the friendly band Herbärds. Gigs in Germany and France followed and in 1986 the band expanded to include singer Ralf and shortly thereafter the first single was released. Their album "Wahnsinn" appeared 1988 on the right-wing label Rock-O-Rama and brought the band a bad aftertaste because at that time only shit bands appeared on the Cologne label (although the band has no political statements in its lyrics, it was assigned to the right-wing rock due to the former label-affiliation to Rock-O-Rama and performances with well-known nazi bands. From the mid-1990s onwards they tried to get rid of their "right reputation as a band". The band explained in interviews not to be interested in politics, but they wanted to exclude anyone from the start. Political phrases of any kind would not be tolerated at concerts). After the release Alex quit again but with 16-year-old Martin they found a new guitarist, which leads Matze changing to the bass. More records + gigs followed and currently the band is pausing. In any case on this record are three fine Oi! classics which bring fun.


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