Friday, 6 October 2017

LA FRACTION - s/t EP 1995

Four piece female fronted french punk from Paris with their first EP. La Fraction are singing solely in French (but provide us only-English-speaking dolts translations), and I can’t stop listen to this fuckin' slab. Straight forward, energetic, catchy and melodic songs with Magalies outstanding voice and she is a phenomenal one and gives the songs the final touch. This woman can SING! Perhaps the best voice in the female 90s. Saw them live here in Frankfurt years ago at the AU Open Air and they were fuckin' awesome, intoxicating and passionate. Believe me this band has it all. Imagine a big squatter’s party somewhere in Europe, hundreds of people, late at night. You wander around with a buzz of alcohol and drugs in your mind. Three crackers of the very finest. They have made three albums. Get all if you find - highly recommended!!!