Friday, 6 October 2017

TARGET OF DEMAND - Your Choice Live Series 1989

One more fine release is this very high-quality slab and this time with the Linz punk band Target Of Demand. This gig was recorded on 8. December 1989 live @ the Oberhaus, Alzey in Germany and they give us twelve melodic energetic punk trashers. Nothin' more to add but I like to give you a short info about Your Choice: the Your Choice Live Series is a benefit project, supporting the fight against fur trade, keeping people informed about different, more healthy ways of living through a different way of nourishment and helping people who had the courage to even go to jail for helping innocent and weak animals out of theirs. - Top idea which needs support. And now, enter the Oberhaus and be part of it.

- Special Thx to Reinhard -


  1. thanks to you and Reinhard for this one and explanation of this benefit live series.nice weekend :)

  2. I borrowed your fine text about this record series and pasted on my old rip of Verbal Assault in the series. Good research, thank you my old friend.