Monday, 7 August 2017

TARGETS - Schneller, Lauter, Härter EP 1984

One more superb German Punk I like a lot and I regret to sold this awesome EP many years ago. So if anyone wanna sell this record I'm the right man, of course at a reasonable price, please leave me a message in the comment section for fair offers. Targets were founded ca. 1984 after the dissolution of the best German political punk band Slime in Hamburg by Eddie (bass), Elf (vox & guitars) and Stéphane from the Buttocks (drums). Targets stand for aggressive punk with brilliant offensive lyrics and anyone who knows their full length album can imagine how great they are live (I was lucky to see Slime in HH anno 1990 in Altona/Fabrik: awesome!!). Hamburg had a very active scene + many cool bands released lots of classics and the list is endless. Schneller, Lauter, Härter was released on Karl Walterbach's AGR label and their second 'Menschenjagd' in the same year. 1985 they went to Berlin again and recorded their fantastic album 'Massenhysterie'. Shortly after, the band broke up. What remains are three brilliant records which should have a place in every well-stocked record collection.

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  1. This is my target for today...thanks a lot and obviously I didn't know anything about this band so I can´t help you .Nice week :)