Thursday, 11 May 2017

ARM - The Victory Of Forgetting M-LP 1991

Hailing from Hamburg, this is the last record by this female fronted punk band called ARM. They agreed for this album the dutch label Konkurrel and they board here seven alternative/punk tunes through. I remember, I saw them in the Fabrik in Altona 1990 and their performance was pretty wild, particularly Danielle (vox) & drummer Stephan (Slime, Torpedo Moskau, Angeschissen, etc...) were extreme ecstatic as if there's no tomorrow. Maybe that this gig was their final one but I don't know for sure. Anyway, it was an enjoyable evening. From the power of their live show is unfortunately this record miles away. The songs bobbing a little bit uninspired and with no real highlight therefore the music raises me not out from my chair. The production is okay, artwork too and a lyric-sheet with it, so for this reason I give seven out of ten points.

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