Wednesday, 10 May 2017

DETERMINATION - ...Push It As Far As You Can EP 2003

Holy Shit, this record is a fucking great hardcore satisfaction! Deternation come from Bruck/Burgenland in Austria, an area where you can make first class holidays, cycling or drink wine. Whether this is also true for HC-Punk? Yes it is! - The band smashes nine one minute songs out which need your attention. So I found here a great review from Maximim R'n'Roll and I have nothin' to add: "Energetic and fast, yet nihilistic and drunken hardcore punk from Austria that is oddly full of posicore-like chorus shouts. Listening to this band live, I bet punks are confused as to wether they should join the mosh pit and sing along with pointed fingers oe if they should go out into the alley and drink until blurry nausea overtakes them. Doing a bit of both, I suppose, is the solution. I would say the sound on this group's third EP falls somewhere between Poison Idea and Y2K-core. Sort of a strange mixture, for me anyway, but it seems to work. I dig this record, but I think this would be even better with less of the shouted choruses, but that's just subjective bias put forth for the few out there who hold a similar view. The singer's intense voice and the fantastic guitar and drum work make this worthy of your attention either, so check it out." - Released in limited edition of 666 copies. Killer Stuff!!!

- Special Thx to Reinhard -

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