Monday, 15 May 2017

DETOX - s/t LP 1985

Well, I found this classic one on my hard drive and it was posted by a few bloggers but a lot links are down and now I listen to this great slab and I think, post it again because it's fuckin' worth. Detox was a band from Los Angeles and they released one 7'' and two cool albums, all on Flipside Records. This is their debut one with thirteen comfortable punk killlers, not fast but KBD fit. I would not write more about them because there was a great review from the unfortunately inactive kfth side and I use one to infect you with this great band: "Holy shit, Batman! An original sound and brilliant cover artwork. Lots of bands love dem skulls, but few, if any, ever thought to use their own as part of the album cover design. The flat finish (no gloss) is fantastic-looking, and quite unusual too. This record really grows on you after a few listens. Sometimes they have almost a rockabilly-type roots sound or a country twang, but this changes from song to song. Most are just plain different. In place of solos, the guitar often has a very piercing sound like a circular saw grinding on metal (I can see the sparks flying now). Detox also have deceivingly slow melodies, which are backed up by strong drumming and bass playing throughout. Really good production, plus extra added parts like airplane noises, and dual vocals singing different lines at the same time that show the special attention they paid to details. A needed break from the ordinary." - Thomas Siegel (from Ink Disease #9, Summer 1985) - Unfortunately, a sad info at the end: drummer Lance Krantz died at the age of 37 on a heroin overdose on 15.July 2001. So get this awesome album and enjoy their nice punky songs.


  1. more sad info: Vocalist Dan Forcum was killed on 9/11/1994 while saving two victims from a samurai sword wielding maniac.

  2. Thank you for this new one :I wish you very nice week :)