Saturday, 22 April 2017

ETER - Berns 7'' 1981

Another hot slab is this rare 7'' from a totally unknown band from Sweden. Here I have absolutely no information and the www gives nothing so forth quite a few words to their music. Shallow pace mixed with brilliant distorted guitars with a female voice, cool solos and both tracks sung in native swedish. I would rather say that the sound tends more to Pop Punk but both songs would not be wrong on a KBD sampler. With a running time of nearly eight minutes is a listening experience guaranteed. Nice record this little gem of swedish subculture - Worth every tone.

- Special Thx to Fredrik -


  1. Have you had the "Everyone A Classic" compilations sent to you yet? - I have all 6 on my harddrive if you need them. Just send an e-mail to & i'll upload them for you

  2. Thank you for all. I've just some requests, I'm looking for:

    -va - Bust!: A Compilation Of Original Early Worldwide Punk Rock
    -va - Raw and Rare British Punk Vol.3
    -va - Raw and Rare British Punk Vol.4
    -The Crewsy Fixers - Cast Iron Arm EP

    Thank you in advance if you can help me....



    1. Except the Crewsy Fixers, I can help, stay tuned :)