Monday, 24 April 2017

HELLHAMMER - Apocalyptic Raids 12'' 1984

All right, the weekend was very intense and after the incredible soccer match Saturday my best friend Larz and me have a session in my room and we talked about our metal days in the 80s and listen to some old trash goodies and he told, he had recently sold this unique record from Hellhammer for about € 50,- and I know the band but none of their songs and so I find a rip and post this bloody sucker here as a further metal post. Musically extreme black/death metal stuff with awesome guitars and I must confess: I still like that. The band released three albums and two EP's and split up three months after recording this record and later regrouped as Celtic Frost. Just try them.


  1. Hete again, my friend I'm pleased you were a nice weekend.Thanks for this Hard metal rarity ( expensive and hard to find, as you said) Have a lovely week :)(P.s.Another incredible match yesterday: Madrid-Barcelona (2-3-Barcelona scored 3rd goal in overtime usual )

  2. Bundesliga ?
    Well Celtic frost and Hellhammer still kicks ass

  3. Hell Bundesliga Yeah!! I saw the best scenes from the spain match, intense as well :)