Friday, 21 April 2017

V/A - Rock Today 1980

I will be a bit softer with the next record which is probably not released (Metronome) and as promo platte cataloged but its still coming out I think. Well anyway, I have a copy here and on this record is a decent gathering of different styles and not all songs are quite cool but more than 50% I would say is acceptable, especially at the end the sound kicks, no wonder with this bands. The drugs show effect and I feel much better than yesterday, must be fit for the stadium tomorrow. All right, that was it for today, tomorrow is another, enjoy the weekend.

1.New Lines On Love - SNIFF'N' THE TEARS
2.So Good To Be Back Home Again - THE TOURISTS
3.The Eton Rifles - THE JAM
5.American Heartbeat - DUNCAN BROWNE
6.Dead The Beast, Dead The Poison - THE RADIATORS
7.Heavy Duty - JIMMY HIBBERT
8.Gabrielle - THE NIPS
9.Frustration - PURPLE HEARTS
10.Jumping Someone Else's Train - THE CURE
11.Smash It Up - THE DAMNED
12.You're Ready Now - SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS



  1. Tnank you dear friend...well done for this "soft stuff" be careful with drugs haha...enjoy the concert and weekend too -see you next week

    1. always careful ;)) - no concert, soccer, nice weekend mate!