Sunday, 5 March 2017

V/A - TV Räjähtää! 1981

And as I have not enough shit on the shoe, I got a damn cold again and my nose is constantly blocked, I hate this condition and let's see what goes today. Now a nice litte compilation from Finnlevy Records with fifteen goodies and what we find is a sound which ranks right through the alternative/pop genre plus one punk blast (Lama). Overall, a vital platte with a few highlights, filter them out by yourself.

1.Varjo Seuraa Onneain - PELLE MILJOONA OY
2.Mitä Tänään Koulussa Opit - PELLE MILJOONA & AVOIMET OVET
3.Myrkytyksen Oireet - JUICE LESKINEN SLAM
4.Itkevä Huilu - TUMPPI VARONEN
5.Hevi Tulee Hevi Tappaa - SLEEPY SLEEPERS
6.Lasten Mehuhetki - TUOMARI NURMIO
7.Haaveet - ARI VAAHTERA
8.Tänään On Kuin Eilen - WOUDE
9.Synnyin Tanssiin - SIG
10.Koiranpennut - MAUKKA PERUSJÄTKÄ
11.Tilulilu - HECTOR
12.Labyrintti - STRESSI
13.Kadonneet - SE
14.Väliaikainen - LAMA
15.Ihminen Hallitsee O.K. - MISTAKES


  1. I used to get winter colds like you say but not in 10-15 years. I started using Vitamin C to dissolve the snot and wash away the virus. Start with 1000 mg. per hour until it goes away. Now if I even sense a cold coming on, I take the 1000 mg tablet and that is all it needs to go away. Otherwise olive leaf extract is also good against pathogens but at the same time keeps your good stomach bacteria alive. Cooking in coconut oil or avacado oil is good habit as well as coconut has medium chain fats that kill pathogens. Topical aloe vera on the skin after a sunburn helps also the immune system as just a small amount will cause the macrophlages to multiply tenfold. Cook all your meals from fresh frozen in an oven at no more than 225 degrees F for 1 or 1-1/2 hours so as not to kill the folate and delicate nutrients and because your meat will have more nutrition, you will need less to stay full. Drink coconut water also helps immensely. Take 1 omega three oil pill per day from Carlson's with at least 300 mg DHA/EPA. This is will sooth your brain and the long chain fat will clean out your blood vessels. Next, your need good anti-oxidants to keep your cells young and protected thus buy for $100 an bed half sheet with silver wire sewn into the fabric. This is absolutely essential to healing the body every night for 8 hours touching your bare legs as you sleep you will get millions and millions of electrons from lightning strikes on earth hourly. Electrons are the most powerful antioxidant (same as eating a bowl full of blueberries) and after 80 minutes you will be clot free since all the red blood cells are now charged and repelling each other. Old inflammation zones and/or injuries in your body will be reduced and finally properly healed for you see this is what the white blood cells do to heal the body...they donate electrons. Take a food based multivitamin with your Omega 3 daily pill but also start taking probiotics at 50 billion level to breakdown those GMO poisons but also to give you two non-compacted stools per day.

    1. thx for your detailed homespun remedies Via, I stay in bed, drink ginger tea and swallow antibiotics and eat fresh stuff, fruits, salad, etc.. and hot milk with honey helps as well.... also with beer but I get faster drunk, haha...