Monday, 6 March 2017

THE NORMALS - Your Punk Heritage 1977-1984

If your Monday was terrible and desolate then listen to The Normals and I promise you they kick all your worries far away. The band got together in 1977 by Charlie (vox+guitars), David (guitars+vox), Chris (drums) and Steve (bass) and bring the noise and excitement of punk to New Orleans. Their first 7Inch came out via Lectric Eye Records and has with 'Almost Ready' one of the best punk songs I ever heard. This compilation from Airline 61 Records is full with rare unreleased studio recordings, home demos and awesome live tapes. Twenty-one catchy explosions!


  1. heeh Fucking Monday in fact...well...let's go to listen to these catchy ones , as you said.I wish you a fantastic first-full March week :)

  2. Nice post! I only have the old punknotprofit post but it is a favorite!

  3. That's what we like,thank you. Keep em coming