Saturday, 4 March 2017

RINEVA 7 - Ennui 7'' 1981

One more this morning and we visit Bordeaux and meet Rineva 7, a three piece with their only output on F.L.V.M. ("Faites Le Vous-Même", which means in english: "Do It Yourself", is not a label, although it appears as such on most releases they helped to produce). Two wonderful minimal synth-pop numbers, reminds me of the Neue Deutsche Welle sound and the French scene has also produced very nice records in this genre, I have not an example, anyway, who gives a shit. Both songs just incomparable and are typical for the 80s and this sound are played at every nostalgia party nowadays and I like it, nice dancing tunes.


  1. Wow ! Another French record totally unknown to me
    French synth pop scene was very interesting check the comps BIPP , des jeunes gens modernes etc...