Thursday, 9 March 2017

V/A - Bloodstains Across Canada 2015

I don't know why I always read that this compilation has a shit sound and then I wonder what expect you assholes? Be thankful that after many many years a new Bloodstains record is out and again full with damn rarities and awesome artwork to that. You see, there are idiots everywhere who are not satisfied with anything. Fuck them, I think this record is overdue and besides the ingenious Killed By Death #26 and a few more compilations, this is a well-kept overview, besides the well-known bands, what was alive in the second largest state on earth. Eighteen catchy rare goodies on this record, pressed in red vinyl and limited to 666 copies, includes an insert with liner notes. What more do you want? I hope there will always be people who make these rare pearls accessible to us, you are the best!

1.Screaming Fist - THE VILETONES
2.Now I Ain't Got No Face - NO FUN
3.Transmitter - THE RED SQUARES
4.Rat Race - ACTIVE DOG
6.I, Braineater - BRAINEATERS
7.3rd Homosexual Murder - FORGOTTEN REBELS
9.Celebrity Crack Up - MODERNETTES
10.Punk Rock Virgins - STURGEONS
11.Invasion Of The Tribbles - THE HOT NASTIES
12.Kids Are People Too - SILICONE INJECTION
13.Disease - THE PRESENCE
14.Some Of The Things That You Do - PINK STEEL
15.Kari Anne - CURTAINS
16.I've Got Your Number - THE RAGE
17.Thought You Were A Friend - CULTURE SHOCK
18.Happy Sad - NJF

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