Friday, 10 March 2017

SERENE FALL - Demoband 1995

Starting to rip a few tapes last week and the beginning makes Serene Fall from Mönchengladbach with their demo tape from 1995. Seven melancholy punk songs we have here, partly unpublished and with "Just Friends" is one of their greatest songs on it. I remember, I get the tape after a gig in Gladbach and while driving home to Frankfurt it ran constantly (a miracle that it even still runs today). The band started as a four piece band as Mine, Ether Command in the late 80's, changed their name into My Eden Dies and it ends up as Serene Fall. To date, they have three albums and two singles out and after a long pause they shrunk to three. On the tape you can hear how important a second guitar is and for me is their sound much better as today. They had not found any useful musician, and so they go to third. Serene Fall is at home in punk with a strong dark touch and funny songs are different you know, very personally lyrics and Maul's remarkable voice is the best for this kind of music. - Enough babble, enjoy grandiose music from a small band and have a nice weekend!!!!

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