Tuesday, 17 January 2017

THE BATS - Phantasmes EP 1984

Before I leave home one last rare record by The Bats, a French three piece from Nancy consisting of Kija, Le Rat and Miss BR, released via SRC. They bless us three synthpunk tunes with a guitar sound that inevitably reminds me of Alien Sex Fiend what I like very much, of course not so heavy but nice. The record is published in two different covers and I doubt that anyone of you has heard this one, me too. Don't know who sent this but that is not important, the songs are cool and Phantasmes is more than just a branch in the punk tribal tree.


  1. not bad monsieur WDM, mercí!

  2. We had a strong Batcave scene in France Check Norma loy , un Departement , Dazibao etc...

  3. Brilliant! (I like ASF so much too)...Have a nice week, my friend