Wednesday, 18 January 2017

CLUB X - s/t EP 1983

Club X was a four piece punk band from Bielefeld and they released their only EP on Teldec Records. Probably some members have previously played in the most famous german punk band in this region, Notdurft, but I don't know for sure. Fact is this record is a brilliant one. Starts with a Rolling Stones cover 'Under My Thump', don't like the Stones but they have a few good songs and if's a band make a punk song so it will be interesting for me. The four have a nice dirty mid-tempo version conjured up here, very cool. Then, a nearly five minute long bit gloomy mood number, its about to find his own way in this life, very nice guitars - almost a ballad...but only almost. Side b offers two decent punk trashers in the typical KBD vein, nice ass-kickin'. In 2011 Überfall Records had the splendid idea to release a double CD called 'Wir Kommen Hier Wech!' and this gives a good overview what is happening in East Westphalia-Lippe aka Detmold in the early 80s. You can order this brilliant stuff on their home page (orange letters above) and I highly recommend it because it's full with tons of rare rare material. Club X made a good record and if you see a copy, get it!


  1. Hi buddy,

    Thank you for all these posts, your blog is very great and I come in since very lontime ago (unfortunatelly, I never participate and never write ... I know. We have the same tastes about punk.
    I've a request, do you have the compilation "Bust! A Compilation Of Original Early Worldwide Punkrock" ?
    If you have this compilation and if you can shared it will be very great. Thank you in advance and long life at your blog.
    Take care,
    Michaël (From France)

    1. mercí Michaël for your kind words and wdthtc runs until I retire, hehe. - Yeah, I have this 10'' and will post it soon, Prost!

  2. Another day, another couple of usual in your magnificent blog.I can only say thanks again.)