Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Since years, this fantastic single is slumbering on my hard drive and I don't even noticed it. As you can see how confused I am sometimes but that's normahl, haha... OK, this little nugget from the Wanted-List was released by Rok Records with two rather unknown bands and more was unfortunately not recorded. The Bystanders with a solid 3:50 number and the Debutantes show again how great the sound at end of the seventies was and is and Man In The Street was rightly banned on Bloodstains Across The UK 4. Pretty powerpop stuff.

- Special Thx to trgec -


  1. Was this on the want list for an actual vinyl copy? You've heard/have the ROK collection on Captain Mod? Lots of great obscure tracks. I only ever picked up a few of the actual 7"s and Clerks "No Good For Me" is prolly my fave :) Cheers, M.

    1. no idea about the Captain Mod collection/compilation. I'm not a big fan of Mod music, a few goodies are great and b.t.w., this here is a nice powerpop/punk record, sometimes I wonder how many idiots have no groove for a genre. Too much shit they write... anyway, doscogs is cool and I love it.... the Clerks, hmmm, I think, I know them..... Prost!

    2. The Captain Mod is just a sub label of Mark Brennan's Captain Oi! re-issue label. He released a collection of the Various ROK LP "Odd Bods, Mods & Sods" along with bonus tracks from all but 2 7" singles on the label and if you like this 7" then it's worth checking out.. Cheers, Mark

  2. man,you've got luck with this one...i<was<looking thru my files several times for Debutantees single but always with no results 'till light out in my head signalize to try find split singles files and single come out just like that,hm what a dummy i am...by the way,Innocent Bystanders have more songs recorded and probably(not quite sure)they will be on one of forthcoming Bored Teenagers comps...also Seize ep will be uploaded soon...