Monday, 16 January 2017

REVULSION - The Only Revolution 7'' 1991

I still have one for today: From Norwich England came Revulsion, an 80's anarcho punk band and this is their second record, 1040 copies made so the newspaper says and they broke up soon after the release of this awesome 7". Here we have two brilliant melodic punk tunes and the storm of noise and velocity is quite excellent which was all too often absent from other "Britcore" bands' efforts. Now this is what punk is all about. Social & politically conscious lyrics sung with conviction, rage, and most importantly & hope. Believe me, this record is awesome and if you like stuff in the vein of Snuff, Leatherface or Guns & Wankers then you must crap this without hesitation. I'm yet a litte bit drunk but I know what I'm talkin' about, hahaha... :))

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