Monday, 16 January 2017

THE ESCALATORZ - Contaminated Memories 7'' 1985

The weekend was very intensive so no time for being here but I'm back with a rare 7Inch by The Escalatorz from Berlin, one of the winners of the Senate Rock Competition in 1982. Founded 1981 by the duo H.P. Daniels and Dieter Bauer and they have been playing for a few years in the so-called folk clubs and the band was then: H.P. Daniels (vocals + guitar), Dieter (bass), Bibi (guitars) and Hans (drums) and they released two self-produced singles and a s/t 10''. They had a few line-up changes because the musicians were also active in other bands so there come temporal problems and that was not perfect. At some point, the line was filled and they recorded more records, toured extensively until finally 1991 the band comes to an end. So this 5th record has two bubbling goodies, side-a is a nice ballad whereas the flip a nice powerpop ass kickin' is.