Sunday, 29 January 2017

PART TIME PUNX - Frauenhasser EP 1988

This rare record is my only one from the Part Time Punx, founded in a touch of boredom and grandeur in 1985. The first samples took place in the living rooms of their and other people's parents, but actually they almost never rehearsed. They are still and rightly the undisputed (unfortunately uncrowned) Schlagerpunk kings. In their songs are the likes for punkrock, NDW and English noise pop of the old school combined with the unmistakable trash charm of eternally puberty childrens heads. At home are the Part Time Punx in the area of Weilmünster (between Limburg and Giessen). So this third EP came out on Orgasm Records and offers three genious lo-fi gassenhauer.

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